Weekly step by step

Well hello!

This is the very first post on my new blog. I’m not going to write a long introduction, quite frankly I am to lazy. You can read some info under the “What is this?” page.

On this premiere post I am going to show you how to make this weekly layout.

Tools I use:

  • Ipad Pro 9.7″
  • Apple Pencil
  • App: Procreate
  • Macbook Pro (to write the blogpost)

Apple, feel free to sponsor me!


Alright guys, this is not rocket science but I’ll give you a short step by step on how I make it.

Step 1: Create a new document, I think I use the A4 default here, and add a grid on the first layer. There is a grid brush under “textures” in the brush menu.


Step 2: There is no secret here. I just draw the boxes for each day and for the notes section. Procreate has this great feature that makes the lines snap into straight ones if you hold for a second. No ruler needed. Important: add a second layer for the boxes!IMG_0433

Step 3: Do the same thing here. Add boxes for the weekdays. Make sure to add a new layer for every new thing you create. This way it’s so much easier to move around and change things. You can always merge them later if you want to.

I actually only make ONE box and then I copy/paste it six more times for the rest of the days. Saves me time and effort, since I’m pretty lazy!IMG_0434

Step 4: Add new layer. Write the names of the weekdays. Nothing weird.IMG_0435

Step 5: Here I draw the water tracker. I draw it once and then I use the copy/paste feature to add it to all the other days.IMG_0436

Step 6: I do the same thing for my fruit tracker. When you do the copy/paste thing it creates a bunch of layers so I merge all just to make it less messy in the layers section.IMG_0437

Step 7: Add a new layer.IMG_0438

Step 8: Write down all your appointments and stuff you have planned. Here you can choose to remove/hide the grid layer to make it a bit more clean.IMG_0439

Quick tip: Keep track of those layers! It’s a real bitch when you’ve done some awesome work just to find out that you’ve worked on the same layer as the grid for example. Removing the grid won’t be easy, just saying…

There you go! Now you’ve created a fairly simple weekly layout.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have a lovely day, or night, whenever you’re reading this. // Anna.



2 thoughts on “Weekly step by step

  1. Oh how I wish there was Copy/Paste in real life! Would save so much time for my weeklies, but I enjoy drawing them out anyways. Awesome post, and I love the blog so far! Excited to see what you write next! ❤


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