Why I use the iPad

First, let me start by telling you this: I’ve always been very interested in both drawing and new technology. This has eventually turned out in me using my iPad for pretty much every creative thing I do.

For a couple of years I’ve been using the Wacom Cintiq to do all my drawings on. But this keeps you limited to your desk (if you don’t have the Companion) and also to your computer. When the iPad Pro launched I saw my chance to get the best of both worlds. I was kind of suspicious of the Apple Pencil, but man did it prove me wrong! It’s great!!

So to sum it up, I am having a better experience with the iPad Pro than the Wacom Cintiq.

Of course there are pros and cons with everything, including the iPad.

Untitled_Artwork 7

Unlimited possibilities is fantastic. You can create pretty much anything, whenever you want to. It can also be a freaking curse! It can make you go mental because you never feel satisfied.

Don’t get me started on the undos! This is Gods digital gift to mankind, I’m telling you.

Let’s be honest, the iPad is expensive! But for me there is no question wether or not it’s worth it. I am using it almost every waken hour. I got my moneys worth just after the first weekend.

Staring at a screen all the time is not good for you. Get out and move your ass so you don’t get sick!

And yes I sometimes do miss the creative process of messing around with different pens, papers and stationary things. But the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion.

Peace ✌

Untitled_Artwork 8


2 thoughts on “Why I use the iPad

  1. I like how ‘unlimited possibilities’ is in both pros and cons 😂 but it’s so true… Unlimited possibilities can be intimidating as shiz.
    Do you save your spreads as pictures and store them somewhere, or how do you keep them?


    1. I save them in folders in Procreate. But I just realized that I don’t have any backup. Maybe I have to send them to my computer in some way, incase the iPad breaks 😉


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