How to fight your depression

Getting over a depression is beyond any doubt easier said than done. Sometimes you need to get professional help. But there are some little thing you can do to make it a bit easier for you.

I quite rapidly doodled some of the things that have helped me during my depression. I have more tips than this but I ran out of space! Mayby I’ll do a second one later.

You can download the PDF-file in the Free Downloads section. Mabye you find something that helps you.

Untitled_Artwork 13

I want to wish all of you a lovely weekend! I’m at work this weekend but when I’m done with Sunday I have 4 weeks vacation! Do you say vacation or holiday? I can never figure out what word to use, but you get my point!

Much love, Anna.


2 thoughts on “How to fight your depression

  1. Love your transparency! You are so talented! Agree that depression is hard to overcome and what works on day may not work the next day! 💕


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