My thoughts on the new iPad Pro 12.9″

As some of you who follow me on Instagram know I am a total tech nerd. I’ve been using the iPad Pro 9.7″ for my art this past year and it has been working great! I have never drawn this much in my life! But my inner nerd was calling out for the bigger 12.9″ size and I knew the peeps at Apple were going to release new ones this summer so I waited. And waited…

Finally a couple of weeks ago they released a new version of the 12.9″ and also a 10.5″ iPad Pro. I decided to go with the 12.9″ since I was going for size this time!


When I first got it I was kinda taken back by it’s size. Thinking of it as an iPad was amusing since it was so big. But once I started thinking of it as an A4 sized sketchbook I could finally see past the comical size. And all of a sudden I was like “whoa! This is so great!” If you think of it as a drawing tablet instead of an iPad it makes it less ridiculous.

Untitled_Artwork 86
iPad Pro 12.9″ vs A4 notebook

Split screen

I have never been a fan of the split screen mode. Or maybe it’s called multitasking? I like to sit near my computer when I’m doing my drawings because I need to look up references for some of my drawings. But no more!! The size of this screen makes it possible for me to use the spilt screen without it interfering with my drawing process. This is very helpful! Which also reminds me to tell you that I can finally sit wherever I want to draw! I love that I can take my iPad anywhere (and by anywhere I mean my couch) and still have somewhere to rest my hand/arm. The smaller iPad made it difficult to draw with it on my lap because I had to hold it up with one hand while drawing with the other. This may sound like insignificant topics but I know I’d like to know these things before I made my purchase.

Untitled_Artwork 87
Split screen


I find myself doing a lot of things on my 12.9″ iPad that I was doing on my computer since the 9.7″ was too small. Writing for example. The keyboard on the iPad 12.9″ is full sized which makes it easier to write on. It also has a few more options than the smaller one which is kinda nice. However I miss the physical keys on the keyboard at my computer. But that’s just a personal preference!


Specs that I don’t understand

I didn’t think the Apple Pencil could be any more responsive but I was wrong! Apple introduced something called ProMotion which improves the pencil responsiveness. What do you know!? I’m nowhere near an expert on the spec stuff and frankly I don’t care. I just want everything to be super quick and super smooth. And they are! So I’m happy!

One of the reasons I didn’t get the “old” 12.9″ was because it didn’t have the true tone display which I love! I stare at my screens most of my waken hours and I think it’s really important not to strain your eyes. True tone display makes it so that the color on the screen adjusts to the surroundings you’re in. This makes it easier on your eyes. So far I haven’t found this to be an issue while creating my art.

I can tell you that my 9.7″ iPad has been lying on a shelf collecting dust since I got the 12.9″. The only reason I touched it was when I had to shoot the size comparison photos for this blog post, and then I thought it had turned into an iPad mini! So smooool.

When I first started drawing on the 12.9″ I thought the screen texture had change. Turned out it just wasn’t as greasy as my old one! Once I’ve messed around with it for a day my hand grease had made it just as smooth and non sticky as my old one. I still haven’t tried out a screen cover but if/when I do it’s going to be a matte one.

Untitled_Artwork 88
iPad Pro 12.9″ vs iPad Pro 9.7″

This review has just been focusing on my overall thoughts and experience so far with the iPad Pro 12.9″, let me know if there is anything else you’d like me to write about!

Untitled_Artwork 84.jpg
Thank you for reading!



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