iPad Art challenge 1 – Your Word


There is a bunch of challenges out there. Everything from improving your mental health to learn how to do lettering. But so far I haven’t come across any iPad Art challenge. So why not give it a try?

I get tons of questions on how to draw this and how to draw that. And while I’m all for copying other artists work for the purpose of learning, I think it’s important to develop your own style. So instead of me telling you how to make certain artworks or compositions my way I thought I’d give you some challenges. That way you’ll cultivate your own personal style and hopefully get a little push in different directions.

This works really well if you have an iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and the Procreate App. But it works just as well with Photoshop (or any artsy program) and a Wacom Tablet if that’s what you prefer.

So. My first challenge will be for you to:

  1. Go to http://www.dafont.com (or any other site where you can find different fonts) and find a font you like. Remember this shouldn’t be similar to your own handwriting! 
  2. Write a word of your choice in which color you want.
  3. Add shadows and highlights to your word.
  4. Share it with me! If you decide to participate in this challenge and want to share it on Instagram please use the hashtag #annasletteringchallenge so I can see your beautiful art.

That’s it! We’ll keep it pretty simple this first one. Drawing out a word is a great exercise to learn about different shapes. It might be a bit challenging with the shadows and highlights but I know you can do it!

This is just as big of a challenge for me so I’ll add my contribution as well, just to give you an idea.


Font: Alba by  Fontalicious


Now go make your own version! Try not to get biased by looking at my word. Trial and error is your friend! Good luck!






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