Dear Anna,


IMG_0050.jpgI watch you as you run around on the back yard of the house you grew up in. Chasing that football like there’s no tomorrow. Naive, joyful you go through life. Believing everyone wants you nothing but kindness.

Out of breath you run up to the porch where grandma is serving lemonade. Granny… Your best friend growing up. Pure kindness. Not one ounce of wickedness existed in that adorable, little old woman. May she rest in peace.

Life is playing a trick on you by handing you that calm, beautiful, serene childhood. It will all come crashing down.

Little do you know lightning and thunder will try to destroy your spark. Little do you know life will have you on your knees begging for it to end. Life is about to put you to the test. You will get betrayed by those you trust. You will desperately try to understand what’s happening. In fear you will search for answers.

You will make mistakes. You will screw things up. You will make a fool out of yourself. You will wonder why life puts you through this.

You will be called too sensitive too many times. So many times that you eventually will see it as a weakness. As a flaw. You will bury that part of you so deep even you forgot it existed.

But eventually you will take that awareness, that fragility, and turn it into something beautiful. You will turn that into you. You will handle it. You will get through it. You will figure out life as it goes. Why? Because you are strong.

It’s okay honey, I got your back. No go out there and kick that ball until your legs hurt.



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