What is this?

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Hello! This is probably the 179th blog I’ve started. Let’s see how it will turn out this time. Every time I start blogging I constantly feel the pressure that everything needs to be perfect. I need to write the perfect posts – preferably once a day, I need to post the perfect pictures and it always turns in to shit! And eventually I just stop writing because of the pressure I’m putting on myself.

This time I figured that I will write what’s on my mind at the moment. Some times every day and some times every sixth month! If you like it, awesome! And if you don’t that’s fine too. I just feel that I want to share my thoughts and feeling to the world. If I can inspire only one person then my mission is completed.

With that said. This blog will mostly be about me bullet journaling on my iPad. I will try to make some tutorials or step-by-step posts to show you guys how I’m making my journal. But I will also write about mental health since I am recovering from depression and anxiety. Writing a journal has really helped me with the recovery process.

Oh, keep in mind I’m from Sweden so my English isn’t foolproof and I swear a lot! Peace.

Instagram: @annaslettering